Monday, 23 August 2010

Moving Mayhem

In the midst of moving mayhem, I have done a little crafting on the side...

I have finished my Wrist Warmers

I have started working on the tank top in the same pattern book- a first 'proper' knit for myself! (By proper, I mean not gloves or a scarf).  It's in a lovely pale grey, and knits up quite fast due to the size 6 needles and chunky wool.

I have also continued in trying out different patterns of baby-shoes and boots.  This one comes from the lovely new book I have: Vintage knits for modern babies , which was a very easy knit with faux-cabling around the sides.

Having spent a lovely evening with an old friend last night, I ended up with lots more patterns (after some exchanges) and ideas that I am looking forward to getting my teeth into after the move... Now to try and make a little more sense of the chaos around my house before the packers arrive tomorrow.  I hope you are all well, and I'm sure I shall post again after we have internet in our new house (goodness knows how long that will take....)

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