Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cappuccino Swirls

I have been trying to branch out in the baking department recently.  Given that I have a lot less time on my hands with two littlies, baking is somehow easier to get round to than sewing and knitting (and has more instant results... OK, and is also rather delicious for my rather increased breastfeeding appetite!).

I'd tried these biscuits before, but made them again with a friend yesterday, and they are absolutely amazing.

They are again from The New Cookie Book, but there is a blog post here with the recipe on (except in the post she recommends doubling the quantities of sugar, which I didn't, and to complete it, I flicked both white and dark chocolate over the top).

The one problem is that I can't seem to stop eating them, and soon I'll have to make another batch!

On a totally unrelated note, I listened to a very interesting discussion on Radio 4's Woman's Hour yesterday on fashion, and the way we consume it in today's society.  Some pertinent points were made, though it was perhaps not chaired in the best possible way (if you listen, the discussion starts about 15/20 mins into the programme).  Have a listen- it certainly makes you think.

Enjoy your Thursday. Perhaps I'll have another biscuit...!

C x


  1. Those look amazing! Isn't nursing the best excuse for a cookie? : )

  2. :-) Absolutely... They are (mostly) consumed guilt-free at the moment...!