Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Two is busy

Having two little ones that are very active and energetic means that time is often scarce in which to write my blog.  But I craft on.

At the weekend I finished my cardigan! Hooray for home-knits!  I am really pleased with the result, and am particularly proud to have made something for myself that I enjoy wearing so much!

I'm glad that I checked my tension before starting, because it is exactly the right fit (having used Aran yarn rather than the recommended Tweedie Chunky yarn that the pattern is actually designed for).

The one area that I wasn't super happy with was the button hole.  I followed the instructions, but I didn't like the result.  I felt that the button hole was much too close to the edge of the cardigan, and so it just didn't sit right.  I have instead sewed on a few little snap fasteners, although they are small and fiddly, and it still doesn't sit right.  I've ordered a larger snap fastener (about the size of a 1p piece) so I'm hoping that that will do the trick!

So. A satisfying project.  (Even more so once I have corrected the button-hole/Snap fastener situation!).

I have also had my eye on this pair of baby leg warmers by Debbie Bliss for a while.  I had got the pattern, but I seem to have mislaid it somewhere, so I decided to try and work it out from the picture!  I'm at the start of the second one, and am loving the little project that grows fast!

So cute! I will post a photo when the other is complete and I can put them on my (now crawling!) littlest one.  They will make a nice gift for some new small ones that I know...

Right. Must dash.  Both children asleep and I don't know how much longer for.  I must try to do *some* housework!

(Oh, and I have just made some of these... haven't tried them yet as they are just out of the oven, but they smell GOOD).



  1. Gorgeous! How do you do it?!! You must be a speed knitter! X

  2. I started it about 3 months ago... and it is chunky wool on large needles... X