Sunday, 6 November 2011

Poppy for Poppy

With Remembrance day approaching, I, as is usually customary, bought a poppy.  This did not last long, as my seven month old daughter grabbed it, dribbled on it and tried to chew it...
As I arrived at church this morning, I saw these lovely hand crocheted wire and button poppies being sold.

Perfect! It fastens on with a catch, and is reusable.  The money goes to charity- half to the British Legion, and half to ingotec- the company behind the Dragonfly Co-operative.  Dragonfly co-operative was set up by an extremely enterprising friend of mine to fund I.T. projects for charities.  The jewellery made is largely up-cycled, and creatively knitted or crocheted together.  One for me.  One for Poppy (I couldn't pass up the opportunity of getting something with her name sake...!)

I am having fun knitting and sewing Christmas gifts and a commission, though life is rather busy, so I am having to do a little here, and a little there...

Have a lovely week.

C x

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