Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pottering away in the sun

Hasn't the weather been beautiful these past few weeks? I've been so enjoying hanging my washing out in the garden, and taking walks to the park with the little ones.  Last weekend my parents came to stay, and much got done in the garden (which I'm afraid I have been neglecting of late!).

I love watching E and the cat play in the garden together, and my favourite pictures are the ones which capture a little of the mischief that they get up to....

A little craft project of these past few weeks that is nearly finished is a little mouse from the latest Debbie Bliss book.  This has been a fun little project, although perhaps a little too much sewing up for my liking!  Still, he is all finished now, and I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a tank top for him, before sewing him a little pair of trousers!

It's a little gift for a good friend's son who has just been christened- his nickname is "Little Mouse" so I figured it was appropriate.

Another small project on the go (from the same lovely book) is a pair of booties for the new baby of another friend.  I'm knitting it with some lovely Simply Recycled Sirdar yarn- it's lovely, and makes a change from some of the other yarns I've been knitting with recently.

Right. I must go and do my job, i.e. feed a hungry baby.  Who could resist a face like this?!

Happy Easter, friends.

C x

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