Friday, 8 April 2011

Serendipitous Days

Do you ever have days where lots of lovely things conspire to make you happy?  We've had a few days like that this week.  The sun has definitely helped.  As you can see, my flip flops have come out again after being away for a good many months!

We had a lovely visit from a friend and her boyfriend from London- they bought us a fabulous lunch (including some carrot and cinnamon muffins with a sparkly icing- see below, though the photo doesn't do them justice, and home made quiche!) and we enjoyed several hours sitting in the garden, with silly games being bought out (involving throwing a slightly heavier ball into a paddling pool full of balls...!)

We took a lovely walk to a local park, and I just loved watching how much more confident my boy is getting at running around and clambering on all of the apparatus...

P is starting to be a little more settled when she is put down, and yesterday she had a lovely sleep in her little bouncy chair in the garden whilst we enjoyed the fresh air, and today she had a lovely long sleep in her pram allowing me to do a spot of knitting in the garden- what a luxury!  (I only hope she doesn't decide to do too much of her 'awake time' during the middle of the night though!)

Oh so comfortable!

Actually pausing to talk about crafty things, I am making a little gift for a friend (above), but I'm doing it on my 2.5mm bamboo needles, as I only have 2.75mm in metal (my preferred working material!).  I'm finding it is going a little slower this way as the bamboo ones are a little bendy given how thin they are... A little frustrating!

Oh well! I'm still making steady progress!

I hope you are having some lovely weather wherever you are, and I leave you with a card we were given today to celebrate P's birth- I think it's one of my favourites so far....

It says it all, doesn't it?!

C x

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