Thursday, 4 August 2011

His and Hers.

Another of E's little friends has a birthday coming up.  I decided I wanted to make something again, and settled for some summer trousers from this book. It's such an easy little pattern, they didn't take much time at all.

I used a lovely blue and white striped cotton (a remnant from our local fabric shop), and then did the pockets and tie with a little of one of my lovely Cath Kidston fabrics.  Suitably girly I hope?

Upon seeing these, E decided he rather liked them, and so I thought I'd quickly sew him up a pair, as some holiday trousers.  I left the pockets off his ones, and, needless to say, did not use my pink Cath material for his! I love making something the second time from a pattern, as it takes so much less time.  They were done in about forty minutes.

I'd made his a little loose, so just needed to tighten the elastic and sew up the waistband.  He was delighted, and so was I!  I think they make a nice little pair!

That then got me thinking that I hadn't made anything for P for our little summer holiday, so, using a pattern for a smock top from the same book, I adapted it to make her a little dress.

Again, this was incredibly simple (I love my new sewing machine!) and I just waited for this morning to measure it against her before I hemmed it and added the straps.

Voilà! Two little summer outfits for the small ones.  I shall use our time away to catch up on my knitting, which I have been neglecting a bit of late.

Right. I must go and entertain my smallest one.  I always think I will get lots done when E has his morning with Grandma, but in reality, P misses him, and all the noise, and is much harder work!

Wishing you a lovely week.

C x

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