Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nap-time upcycling and a photo shoot

I had a few minutes 'spare' whilst both children were napping today, and a little project beckoned to me.  I made an impulse buy in a sale up in a local town this morning (never a particularly wise idea, but not expensive!) and when I got home and tried it on (I was wearing a sleeping baby in the shop, so could not try on there) I was less than convinced...

To be honest, I was less than loving those frills... So. I decided to cut them off (to be used for something else when I get inspiration) and instead make a little binding out of a contrasting fabric (something I've been meaning to do for a while having seen lots of lovely on-line ideas) and stitch it on- much more simple, but hopefully nice!

I have a lovely Cath Kidston material that I have been eaking out due to it's general loveliness (and general expensiveness, let's be honest) and I used that.

It doesn't look bad at all now.  Certainly it's a bit more individual!

Early on in the year I knitted a lovely Debbie Bliss cabled cardi for the impending arrival (Poppy!).  Today I shot some pictures of her wearing it- I think both she and it look pretty good (to be utterly biased)...

Lastly I'd like to share with you one of my lovely birthday presents- a scarf! (A scarf in the summer? Yes, a scarf in the summer).  It's made from a beautifully cool (fair trade) jersey material and it is definitely summer colours...

Isn't it lovely?  I got one in two colours, and then ordered two more for presents.  I imagine it would be very warm in the winter, but it's also lovely for keeping you nice and toasty if sitting outside in the evening in the summer.  (On a practical note, it's also big enough to use as a snuggly blanket for a baby as I did with P when pushing her back from the park when it was a bit chillier the other day).

Enjoy your weekend.

C x


  1. Poppy looks so cute! Especially the ones when she is on her belly! Love the top - something so nice about contrasting edging or lining. You can always use the frills to edge a cushion or gather up to make flowers to add on to a project.

  2. Good idea! Was also pondering a ruffle type skirt for Poppy... I am quite pleased with those cardigan photos :-) any projects on the go at the mo? X

  3. Ooooh! A ruffle skirt would be really cute! I also loved it when I wore a matching outfit to my mum when I was little (although I'm guessing Poppy would not be aware of the coordinating fabric just yet!) We have a guest staying at the moment (a friend of Sams) so my 'sewing room' is currently occupied, but my next project is to start on the Cath bag a certain lovely friend got me! x