Saturday, 23 October 2010

Oh Crumbs!

A very dear friend of mine is well known for her freezing habits! Amongst the goodies in her freezer, you will find home-made breadcrumbs, crumble-mix and "emergency scone mix"! Taking a leaf out of her book, today I decided to use up some stale bread and make some breadcrumbs to go on top of a tasty lasagne. Whilst I was at it, I made a bulky bag, so that I should be in stock for quite a while...

Today I made some delicious Carrot and Coriander soup (loving BBC Good food at the moment!) which was a lovely Autumn warmer for a family who were busy doing jobs around the house (and a little boy who is currently poorly). I highly recommend the recipe (see link) as this was really good...

In crafty news, I have been making needle cases for my craft stall from a pattern in the lovely Cath Kidston Sew! book.

These turned out really nicely, but they were very fiddly to make!  I had to write some amendments onto my pattern as they seem to have missed out a few steps, however I was pleased with the end product (although I may play around with the design for future attempts).

Next up... pin cushions and some bunting....!
Happy weekend, and, for those in the teaching profession, happy half-term!

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