Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Autumn evenings

I am hugely enjoying spending my evenings (after marking and housework!) getting on with crafts for my upcoming stall at a Craft Fair (please contact me if you would like details about when and where it is). At the moment I am loving getting some daily inspiration from this fabulous crafty blog.

This week I am pleased to have finished some bunting...
I started this a few weeks back, but wanted to borrow a friend's machine for the zig-zag stitching.  

I was also glad to complete some reversible fabric tissue box covers, which were mostly fun to make, but with a few frustrations when trying to complete the machining. That said, I'm generally happy with the result...

I have been hugely enjoying knitting fingerless gloves recently- somehow they seem to cheer up Autumn and Winter days with a splash of colour. I've been branching out on patterns, and the below pair were initially intended to be one colour, but I finished the ball about two rows from the end. I decided that instead I'd redo the last few rows in both hands another colour, which I think looks really nice!

I've had a busy day of cooking (making a post-natal meal for a friend who has recently had a baby), and enjoyed making some Chocolate Crumb Cake. Whenever I used to go and visit my Grandparents, Nanna would always have made this, complete with chocolate sprinkles on top! It never failed to delight us, and, quite frankly, still tastes amazing as a "grown-up"! 

Also on the cards today was volunteering at the Baby Cafe, always a fun time of cups of tea, getting to know more people, holding some new-born babies, and helping ladies with their breastfeeding!

Right. Up next- finishing a patchwork cushions, and making some cafetiere covers (as inspired by this blog tutorial).

In other news. Al and I found out this week that we are having a little girl in the Spring. I am eagerly anticipating getting knitting and sewing, although I think I will be waiting until Christmas presents have all been made first...

What are other people making? Enjoy your Autumn evenings...


  1. Awww a little girl!! Oh my goodness you'll have some fun making pretty things for her! Very, very exciting indeed. Good luck for the crafting for the fayre, you look like you'll have plenty to sell. Also, you've got me in the mood for making some fingerless gloves, think I'll get started on some later in fact!

  2. Thanks Fay! Hope you are well. I might try that Cardi you made for Flo at some stage... That lace looks so lovely!