Monday, 12 September 2011

Changing Rooms

So the last week has seen big change in the Crafternoon household.
Biggest one has moved from his tiny little room into a brand new room that has just been shifted around and lovingly painted and decorated by Al and I.

The little man is rather excited about his new room- particularly about the fact that he now has a train set in there!

And the smallest one has moved out of our room (gulp!) and into her own room!  At first I felt rather mortified that it was totally bare and bereft of anything girlie at all (not that she would notice, I know, but I minded!). However, after a little creativity, I felt much happier with her new little space.

Not a bad little space to call home (what difference a little bunting makes!).

I'm sure that I wasn't particularly emotional when we moved E into his first room, but last night I could be found weeping into the washing up.  Possibly the product of much sleep deprivation (one of the reasons for her going into her own room) and possibly just that I am getting increasingly emotional with age...

The Charlotte dress is now complete, and has been washed and blocked.  Photos will follow once it has dried and been tried on its lucky little recipient.

Have a lovely week, friends.

C x


  1. What does Elysee's door say on it? Is he secretly known as Sam?!

  2. Ah, No! It's his initials. E.A.M... Just the best picture of the room had most of the E cut off!