Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Warm White

We have been decorating. Hence the slight shortage of posts.  We had a loft conversion recently, and we are repainting a room which used to be a guest room, but which is shortly about to become E's room.  He doesn't know this yet, and it's been really fun dreaming up a fun first proper room for him, because his current room is pretty tiny, so he can't do much in it.  This new room will have a little reading corner, and plenty of space for his trains and diggers...

I'm delighted, because when we moved in, the guest room was really quite a bright yellow and purple, and it is now a warm white and (soon to be) corn-flour blue.  Much Better.  I am just getting a bit of a headache trying to distinguish between the white emulsion and the "Cotton White" which is much warmer and nicer.

In other news, the dress is still getting knitted... just a little more slowly than I'd like...

I've also been cooking through some of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.  A particular favourite is the Frangipane tart. It's quick to cook and very tasty- try it out!

Have a lovely weekend.

C x

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