Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thrifty Tasty

In my last post I mentioned that I'd been cooking my way through some of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.  Yesterday I tried out "Pregnant Jools' Pasta", which is basically a delicious pasta sauce made by blitzing some vegetables together with some sausages, fresh chilli, and dried oregano and fennel seeds.  It's amazing!.  Really easy and absolutely delicious.

It's also a super thrifty meal to make.  I got a pack of sausages on offer, substituted an onion for a bunch of spring onions (fridge running low on general veg) and didn't add a carrot as we had none in stock!

We also had some slightly stale bread maker bread to use up, so I sliced it, and added a little home made garlic butter and mozzarella to the top and whacked it (Jamie lingo...!) into the oven whilst the pasta and sauce were cooking.  It made a brilliant accompaniment to the dish.


Another one that I tried was the Tray baked Chicken with squashed potatoes.  This is possibly one of the nicest chicken recipes I've ever cooked.  It's wonderful- do try it! (I've not managed to find an on line copy of the recipe as yet, but I highly recommend getting the book and having a peek as the recipes are easy, tasty and not at all pricey to make).

I am looking for some nice vegetarian recipes to try out as I think we eat rather a lot of meat in our daily diets.  Does anyone have any recommendations? Nothing majorly faffy (not the time, with two littlies around and about) and, if possible, not containing lentils- not a family favourite!

I got home from a morning out with the small ones to find a parcel waiting for me (always exciting!).  My husband had ordered for me as a surprise, a DVD I have had my eye on watching, called The Concert.  I had in fact, just been looking on line at copies this morning.  It's nice to see how well he knows me after a few years of marriage, and particularly lovely to be treated to a present!

Have a happy Wednesday!

C x

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