Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Winter Warmers

Today I made Steak and Kidney pie. It is cold outside, and horrible weather, so I thought I should opt for a nice, warming, Traditional English meal.  Pastry isn't my forte, but I was largely pleased with how it turned out (although my Mum's is better!).  We have a Belgian lodger, so I am trying to show him that there is a lot of Good Food to be had in England....!  My 20 month old however, was in a contrary mood and wanted Marmite Toast. You win some, you lose some.

I also made some fudge this evening. I'm planning to do parcels of fudge for some of my relatives that I see less frequently, and so have no idea of what to do for them for Christmas.  It's only right that one should test the recipe out beforehand, and this was a nice chance to test-run my new sugar thermometer too.

It tastes SO good. Al and I had to test some out with our post dinner tea/coffee....

On the craft front- For yesterday/today's Craft Fair contributions I have made some knitting needle cases. These always seem to be exorbitantly priced for something which is so simple, so I looked at the one I have (which was passed on to me by my Granny-in-law) and roughly copied the design. I'm pleased with the results, and am just putting some finishing touches on a second one.

I haven't decided what is next on the crafting agenda for tonight/tomorrow. I'd welcome any ideas... Hope you are all well and having better weather than here in Oxford....

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