Thursday, 9 June 2011


I am a bit of a hoarder if I'm honest.  Particularly when it comes to craft items.  I'm always of the opinion that things might just come in useful for a craft project one of these days.

The other evening I sat down to do some card making, as I'd run my stash right down, and do always like to give hand made cards if possible.  I had some old books with some nice prints and pictures in, and had been meaning for ages to actually cut them out and make use of them.  There are some real treasures- look at some of these...

Gorgeous eh?
So. I had a lovely relaxing time making some new cards, and now have a replenished supply.

I also had some photos I'd taken a while back that I thought would also make nice cards.  Most of them were taken in Cornwall, one of my favourite places, and I love the brooding clouds in some of them.

Very satisfying.
I got given some beautiful flowers today.  Does anyone know what they are called? They look a bit like pink poppies. I love them.

So.  What do you hoard?

Have a relaxing evening.

C x


  1. certainly the same with the craft stuff! Envelopes, wrapping paper, something beautiful in a magazine, dulux colour charts, cereal boxes...everything and anything! Your cards are beautiful! Great idea to make a batch at a time! I always end up throwing one together 5 mins before I see the birthday girl/boy/child! Will follow your footsteps and make a few this summer!x

  2. Thanks! Hoarding is such fun, but takes up so much space no? I have so much yarn that it would take me years to make projects with all of it, but still I can't quite walk past the yarn shop without going in....!

  3. Hi Caroline ,
    ....I know what the flowers are!! I happened to be back in the flower shop today ....they are lisianthas!! If you can pronounce that you are doing better than me :)