Tuesday, 14 June 2011


On Saturday, we had one of those wonderfully serendipitous days where we ended up doing some very lovely things.  We started off at a church hall in a nearby village, watching some electric trains whizz around mini tracks (not, until recently, my idea of fun for a Weekend morning, BUT, the look of sheer animation and joy on E's face made the whole thing a delight!), and on our way home, found ourselves driving past a sign for P.Y.O...The same look of animation now lit up my husband's face!

I'd not been to a Pick Your Own farm for years, and it was the perfect day for it on Saturday-  warm and sunny.  Glancing around the fields full of fruit and vegetables, you could forget that you were in rural Oxfordshire, and imagine for a moment that you were in Italy somewhere!

We spent a delightful half hour picking strawberries and peas, where E discovered the joy of eating fresh peas straight from the pod.  On our way to pay, I couldn't resist some freshly grown asparagus and a pot of mint either.

Strawberries aside, what would you make with these ingredients? I'll tell you next post what I decided on, but I'd love to have some other ideas...

I hope your week is going very well.  I might just jam the last of these strawberries, as I'm itching to give jam-making a go again...

C x

P.S. can I just say, nothing beats the taste of freshly picked strawberries! Wimbledon, eat your heart out!

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