Monday, 6 June 2011

A Piano

A change today.  Instead of writing about something baked of hand made, I thought I'd mention our beautiful Piano.  It is a treasured gift from my Godmother.

It's a handsome upright Broadwood and it has a lovely crisp sound.

Until recently I've not played much for a long time, but of late I've really wanted to start up playing again, and have dusted off a piece I learned a very long time ago.  It's funny how quickly it comes back to you after such a long time away.  The piece I'm currently playing has lots of the markings my piano teacher wrote in it about 13 years ago!

How glad I am that I persevered in playing when I was younger despite frequent teenage urges to throw it in and relax more.  It's nice to have a (incredibly rusty) skill to come back to later on.

C x


  1. You are so lucky to have a skill like this (perhaps not lucky, single minded and hard working)

  2. Well, the plan is to be a bit more hard working about it... I am pleased though, that my parents never let me when I asked to give up!