Thursday, 27 January 2011

Home made pizzas and knitting in the round.

Last night a friend and I made the family home-made pizzas.  It's such fun, and nice to get individual  "orders" and make everyone their own special one.

Al ordered one with an egg on top....!

They were yummy.

My friend has been staying for the week, and she's been re-learning how to knit. After having a little trawl of we found a fun pattern for a type of knitted headband- called "Calorimetry". She finished it today and modelled it in the cold weather...

The body of the Lucille cardigan is now complete, but I am finding the knitting in the round a challenge! I started trying to use circular needles, but I gave up after a while, and I am currently progressing on smaller DPNs.  So far this has been the most challenging bit of the cardigan, (and I have been tempted to knit it 'straight' and sew a seam down it!) but I am determined to conquer this!

Any tips for knitting on circular needles are always welcome!

Wish me luck! Enjoy your Friday- it's nearly the weekend!

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  1. beautiful knitting! wonderfully even stitches...I shall come to you when mine goes wrong!
    Love the colour too.Lydia looks great in her 'calorimetry' tho that name sounds like something for weight loss!