Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Knit-chat and Nappies

Today has been a day full of nappies. I hate landfill, so I try to do my part with washable nappies, which I generally get on very well with.  I do not however, like the days that are full of nappy changes and today was certainly one of those days.  They are usually impeccably timed so that we are just about to leave the house when there is that tell-tale smell, and then coat and shoes need to come off as well.... Ho hum. Part of daily life at the moment!

On a similar theme, I finished the portable changing mat, and am pleased with how it looks...

A good way to utilise some of the spare oilcloth, and it's nice and cheery as well as being small and light enough to pop in your bag to take out with you.

On a less nappy-related basis. The cheesecake is yummy, and in case you followed the link to the recipe I posted yesterday I meant to add that  I usually double the cooking time to about an hour (at least, depending on how you like the end result), and I double the amount of base suggested (the base is clearly the best part, no?!). A slice of it, alongside a cup of tea was good fuel for an afternoon of perusing some other lovely crafty blogs and musing over what my next sewing project was going to be...

In the end, I decided that I fancied doing a little appliqué (I have been meaning to try this for a while) and I remembered seeing a few people with very nice cushions that had tea cups appliquéd onto them and I thought I'd set about making something similar.  Recently my Mum readjusted curtains from our previous house to fit our new bedroom windows and that involved cutting quite a bit off the bottom.  I used this curtain and lining material as a basic cover for the cushions.  I have drawn a teacup template and traced it onto some bondaweb, and am now cutting out 9 patterned teacups.  The case is finished, but the appliqué shall begin in earnest tomorrow I think.

My evening has had the nice and unexpected twist of a neighbour popping by with a stair-gate she is kindly giving us that she no longer needs.  She is starting knitting, and so after asking how it was going, she went and collected her needles and yarn, and we sat and had a good natter whilst she learned to cast on and remembered how to knit.  I do like it when you get to know people better through crafting!  I am currently working on two cardigans- one I have shown in previous posts and another that I was inspired to try after a friend, Fay, had a go and documented it on her blog (which I highly recommend).  It's freely available through Kelbourne Woolens and I am currently working on it in a nice purple 4-ply wool.  It grows slowly, but is lovely to knit.

I hope you are having a lovely week.

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