Saturday, 29 January 2011

Take three, and lots of tractors and trains.

These past few weeks Elyseé has decided that he really rather likes colouring.  For some reason this particularly delights me, and it's lots of fun cooking dinner with him colouring (or telling me what to draw) in the kitchen with me.  At first there were quite a few flowers and butterflies, but now we're pretty much down to Tractors and Trains most of the time.

So, the knitting-in-the-round saga continues, but I am determined I shall get there eventually.  After doing about 14 rows of lace pattern down the sleeves, I discovered that I seemed to have been decreasing (quite evenly) row by row - or at least every other row! Quite how I was doing this remains a mystery, but I'd imagine it was as I finished off a round, I missed out on a Yarn Over instruction or something.  I was tempted to leave this, but decided this would annoy me whenever she wears her cardigan.  So. Another laborious unpicking and re-knitting session ensued.  It is particularly difficult to evenly pick up all of the stitches a) in lace knitting generally and b) in the round! Still.  I am now counting my stitches every row, and have done 12 rows without decreasing.  I have however noticed a small area rows and rows back where it doesn't look quite right, but I don't think I can cope with redoing that one again!

Hopefully one day I'll finish the sleeve!  It's Saturday night, and Al and I are both fairly exhausted, so a film, a spot of knitting (for me!) and a good night's sleep is in order I think.
Enjoy your Sunday.

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