Friday, 8 July 2011

A belated birthday present and a Spanish omlette

Soon I am seeing a friend I have not seen for a while, and I have been busy making a belated birthday present*.  Given that she might read this, I shan't show the proper pictures until after I've given her the gift, but here's a little picture of some of the project (knitted with Sirdar Bamboo yarn) on circular needles (using the magic loop- thanks Nim for the tip!). 

The other day for dinner I tried out Jamie O's Spanish Potato and Chorizo Omlette (which you can find on his website here).  It is essentially a Spanish tortilla, and is absolutely lovely! I made two as there were several mouths to feed, and to the second one I added green peppers and some emmental cheese.  Both were extremely tasty, and were also delicious eaten cold the following day.

How's your week going?

C x

* Yes, that does in fact mean that I now have four knitting projects on the go at once, but this one will be finished soon....!

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