Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Sewing Project

Last night I finished a sewing project I started over the weekend.  E could do with a few more pairs of summer shorts/ 3/4 length trousers, and I have a lovely little pattern in my book "Making Children's Clothes".  I have a lot of material in my stash, but unfortunately I didn't have anything that was particularly boyish, let alone some hard wearing fabric for something he'll be running around with.  So, with some birthday money, I popped along to our local(ish) fabric shop, and set about making some.

I found some hard-wearing khaki green material, and this fabulous car/digger/bus material for the contrasting turn ups and pockets.

I've not done any clothes making for a little while, so it took longer than I thought, but I bought some other material to make a second pair, so I'm sure they will take much less time, as the second time you use a pattern it always seems to go much more smoothly.

I love the contrasting waist band- it's a lovely attention to detail in the pattern.  The only place where I 'deviated' from the pattern was in using zig-zag stitch on the inside seams instead of pressing them open.  Given that it's clothing that I hope will last, I wanted to make durable seams.

By the way, is it just me, or is it not the most wonderful thing to iron the projects as you go along? It makes it all so beautiful to look at and work with. (I know that's what you are meant to do- it is just so satisfying though, and let's face it, it's one of the only time our iron gets used...!)

Fascinated by my shoes being washed!

And, despite the fact that the perfectionist in me keeps noticing all of the tiny things that didn't go perfectly, the boy seems rather pleased with his new shorts!

Next up... some little bloomers (from the same book) for the little Lady.

In other news, if anyone is into sewing, and wants some beautiful inspiration, check out this fabulous blog. I can't get enough of browsing the archives.  Right, I am going to make some muffins.  Does anyone have a good recipe for blueberry muffins? A friend made me some amazing ones recently, and I need to find a similarly wonderful recipe!

Enjoy your Wednesday.

C x

Yes, you would be correct, those are Cath Kidston sewing scissors!

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