Saturday, 2 July 2011

A skein unravelled and some sushi

So I decided to follow Meg's advice and ball up my skein of knitpicks wool.  It was definitely a good idea, and I figured it'd take about half an hour... Alas no.  Given that I'd started knitting with it already, some of the skein wasn't as neatly packaged as when it first arrived and it took nearer 2 hours to ball-up- the entire duration of a Craft evening I had on Tuesday.  Still, it made for some fun group activity at times...

But look how lovely it looks now...

It turns out that 100g of 4-ply wool is actually quite a lot!
Still, it's done now (particular thanks to Georgie!), and is nice and neat, and the Charlotte Dress is making slow but satisfying progress...

In other news, we went to dinner with some friends last Saturday and rolled sushi for the first time.  It was great!  Although I was a bit of a coward on the raw fish front, and didn't get any more adventurous than smoked salmon, I loved the ones that I rolled, and had a generally lovely evening!

Rachel's looked incredibly professional (she is quite experienced at sushi-rolling), but even mine looked quite cool for a first-time attempt!

A fun, and very sociable meal! (Thanks Nick and Rachel!)

I hope you are enjoying a leisurely weekend.  We are enjoying the beautiful weather, and our sixth wedding anniversary!  Happy Saturday, Friends.

C x


  1. I love balling, glad you had friends to help with the mission which is detangling! Nim has a skein of lovely fyberspates stuff which went bonkers and I think has had about four hours put in so far.

  2. Well I'm not a fan of sushi but it does sound like you had a great time with friends,

    Victoria xx