Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bags of fun

Using my new Cath Kidston Sew! book I have attempted my first project- the Shoulder Bag.
I decided to make several of these in tandem, and the project has been growing fast...

Lots of fun, and not terribly complicated for a first project.  I still need to buy some buttons to go on two of the bags.

In other news, after getting my own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I decided to start simple, and so made Potage Parmentier for part of my dinner.  Oh so simple, but absolutely amazing and highly recommended.

Right. On with those Crochet baby shoes that I am attempting, and which seem rather difficult....!


  1. Hello Caroline. Your shoulder bags have turned out very well, good idea to make several in tandem! And I love your Singer sewing machine - it looks so much more fun to use than a boring white plastic one! How exciting, a lovely new blog to read!! Thank you for posting on mine by the way!

  2. Thanks! I do love my singer, though occasionally I wish it could do things that the boring white plastic ones could do...! apart from that it's ace!