Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sunshine and summer crafts

Yesterday was filled with a lot of my favourite things.

Here are some lovely flowers that were part gifts, part offerings from my parents' garden, part finds from my own garden, and part mint, given to me by a friend earlier in the week.

I got to spend some lovely (and rather crafty) time with my parents, making some pretty coloured handy tissue holders with my mum....
I had some great fun following an online tutorial to make a handy "envelope" in which to keep handy bits and bobs (found at - 06-07-2010).

I took advantage of the lovely hot sun and made some mint sun tea... whilst Élysée decided that iced tea was the way forward to cool down on a hot day...

I also started trying out some of the vast array of free patterns for baby shoes/booties that are available on line.  These ones were found at and are a very easy knit.

All in all a delightfully enjoyable day!

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