Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bloomin' Brilliant

Chocolate is very important to me. I like it in lots of forms, but I am definitely a fan of Brownies.

Another thing I am quite a fan of is Jamie Oliver. Whenever one of his cook books comes out I want to buy it, despite the fact that I already don't use all of the ones that I have!

However, Jamie does boast 'Bloomin' Brilliant Brownies' and I have to say I agree...

This time I added some chopped up glacé cherries and some chunks of milk and white chocolate, but it's also very nice with chopped nuts, raisins, or grated orange zest (not that I have made this very many times....!). I recently made them gluten-free for my sister's birthday, and couldn't taste the difference.

So. Give them a go- they're bloomin' brilliant.


  1. My gluten free brownies from caroline were amazing!! As my sis said can't taste the difference! A normal birthday cake, or a big pile of choc chip brownies! hmm no brainer!