Monday, 6 December 2010

Frosty fun

It is still very cold here in Oxford- grass crunchy underfoot, and streets swathed in an eerie mist.  Quite wintry, and lovely for getting one into the mood for Christmas preparations.  In our household we went and chose a lovely tree at the Weekend (and were lucky to get one, given that the snow has held up most of the trees from being shipped over from Ireland!) and Al and I spent a satisfying afternoon listening to Christmas music whilst tidying, sorting and getting our dining area ready, which has been rather chaotic since moving in the summer. A frustrating two hours were spent trying to work out where the problem lay with a set of tree lights, and after painstakingly testing one light after another, replacing all of the broken ones with working ones, and it still not working, we gave in and bought a new set!

What followed was a lovely evening with a beautiful Christmas tree, (non-alcoholic) mulled wine, and "Holiday Inn" with some great friends- what a lovely way to get into the Christmassy mood.

On the crafting side of things, I have been busy making Christmas presents.  I've been working on some scarves (knitting away in the cinema last night...!) and I am currently enjoying having a little browse through a lovely book my Mother-in-Law found and passed on to me last week, inspiring me to dust off my crochet hooks and have another go...

With the school term starting to draw to a close, a very active toddler at home, presents to make and an online shop to keep stocked up, life is lovely and busy.

 I hope you are all well, and enjoying advent wherever you are.

" For unto us a child is born... and he will be called 'Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace'"
Isaiah 9 v 6, as sung in "The Messiah"

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