Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Knitting and risotto.

Today I am continuing in my Christmas knitting list.  Some gloves to go with a scarf I have made...

I love this pattern and I've used it quite a number of times before.  The pattern is for very long gloves, but you can adapt it to make them any length.  I plan to add some of the "ruffle" from the scarf around the base at the end to make the two items truly match.

I have now got an overflowing stock of wool to keep me going for Christmas presents and beyond...

A sight like that fills me with joy. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps it's just the hours of fun that I know lies in store when I choose a project for each ball of wool and get to work.

Right. To work. Getting on with those gloves, whilst watching an episode of a favourite show- whilst my boy still sleeps.  Then, risotto for dinner. Jamie Oliver style of course....!  (If you ever need a lovely recipe for risotto then I highly recommend J.O. and his different recipes.  They are absolutely lovely, and always turn out delicious!).

Have a lovely rest of day.

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