Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Reporting in the snow....

There is a lot of snow, it would seem, around the UK at the moment.  Most of it, however, seems to have missed us here in Oxford.  My parents are totally snowed in where they live in Surrey, and here we have but a mere sprinkling!  It is incredibly cold though, so most of the time we are hibernating in our lovely warm house, very thankful for a roof over our heads and a working heating system.

Since the craft fair life has been taken up with school.  A lot of reports to write have meant not much time for much else.  I have just finished them now though, so, time for a quick post before getting on with some work around the house.

I am now working through a long list of Christmas presents which need making, as well as doing a few commissioned bits and bobs.

A current knit that I am working on is a little cardigan for Owen, an adorable little five-and-a-half week old baby of a dear friend.  I had said I would make something when he arrived and we decided on a pattern together.  I'm doing it in Sirdar Snuggly- a lovely soft wool, and it's coming along nicely...

I'm about to update my shop, so do have a browse.  Enjoy your Wednesday, whatever the weather!

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