Friday, 11 March 2011


There's something fabulous about flowers isn't there? Having a little vase of them brings a ray of sunshine into the house.

Yesterday, on a little jaunt into a nearby town, I saw this beautiful bunch of anenomes sitting outside the flower shop.  They look a little wild, and they caught my fancy!

They made me want to draw flowers, and do some floral-themed stitching...

Flowers are springing up everywhere- yesterday E and I went for a walk and said hello to all of the lovely Daffodils and Narcissi.  Fabulous splashes of yellow on a slightly grey and windy day.

Today, with my Mum we visited a lovely garden centre, and I bought a few herbs so that I could start a little window herb-garden.  I was particularly excited by the lavender (one of my absolute favourite smells!) and the little alpine strawberry plant- I love the idea of growing my own little strawberries!

I leave you with a picture that makes me smile so much- the sight that greeted me when I asked my little 'un to lie down on the changing mat for a nappy-change!

As a history teacher, I'm so proud! (I should qualify that there were several pages on steam trains inside that he was particularly taken by).

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are.

C x

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