Wednesday, 2 March 2011

In 1509....

... Henry VIII became King.  Did you know that? I'd imagine a number of you did.

I like dates, being a History teacher.  I also like mugs.  The other day I dropped one of my favourites.  One which bore the above fact, and which was given to me as a gift from a colleague after organising and executing (excuse the pun!) a school trip to the Tower of London.

Picture taken from the HRP shop

Many who know me and my family would say that it's not really a big shame to have one fewer mug in the cupboard, but I like that so many of them are of particular sentimental value.  So, I thought I'd share the date, and remember my lovely mug!

In a similar vein, and knowing me well, Al made me this mug for a birthday or Christmas past...

It has run a little in the dishwasher after many uses, but it has a comprehensive list of all the Kings and Queens of England and Britain from 829 to present day.  It's quirky, and I like it.  (Incidentally if you want one, you can buy these particular ones on the website where Al designed it!)

Today I made potatoes gratin à la Julia Child (have you seen Julie and Julia? I do so love that film!).  I thought I should be 'good' and try out another recipe, as I can tend to stick with a few meals that I know well.  It was yummy though- I recommend it.  We had it as a main meal rather than a side, and I cooked the version with eggs and ham (using the second half of a smoked gammon joint I'd frozen a week or so back).  Simple, thrifty and tasty!

This afternoon was one of those beautiful, cold and clear ones that smelt of the approaching spring.  There's something about seeing sunlight streaming in the windows that lifts the spirit, and Elysée loves any opportunity to race around the garden.  Lovely.

I'm now on my last centimetre or two of the hood on my cabled cardi, and then begins the long task of sewing it up, weaving in the ends and doing the borders.  I wonder if I can finish it tonight... 

Enjoy your evening, whatever you're doing!



  1. Alas poor mug, I knew him well. Did ever a finer holder of tea grace the McNicoll coffee table or kitchen surface? Gone but never forgotten.

  2. A beautiful ode. Thanks Ash :-)