Friday, 18 March 2011

Little things

I've finished the beautiful little cardigan that I mentioned in my last post.  It was a delightful knit- really quick and I think it looks lovely.

Because it's only 0-6 month size, it's really weeny, and mostly done in stocking stitch apart from the little lacy borders.

And, as I said last post, I checked my gauge, so it actually measures exactly what the pattern says!  I particularly like it because I think it looks like a ballet cardi- nice and delicate.


In other 'news'- I am loving this month's Country Living magazine (a subscription which I share with a good friend- SUCH a good idea!) and am particularly gleaning inspiration for garden projects from a lovely spread on an elegant garden make over...

It does make me want to do fabulous things to our little garden, though I know that now is not really the time! There is also a beautiful piece on a lovely Cornish-run hand-stitching business.  Brilliant!

Lastly.  Talking of inspiration, I am so excited by the wealth of beautiful craft blogs out there, and one of my current favourites is Florence's.  Do check it out!

Have a lovely weekend.

C x

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