Wednesday, 23 March 2011

While I'm waiting...

So. Whilst waiting for The Arrival, I have been keeping busy.

As mentioned a few weeks back, I went to a local garden centre, and one of the things I bought was 2 packets of seeds...

We always used to get Sprouting Alfalfa in our organic box (back when we still got one) and so I decided to do some at home.  Today I enjoyed eating some of it with some left-over filled pasta and some avocado. Yum.

I also planted some of the lavender seeds into a little pot which is on my kitchen windowsill.  As I have confessed before, I am totally addicted to the smell of lavender, so I was very excited to see some little seedlings springing up through the earth, and, even though I knew it was ridiculous, I couldn't resist having a little sniff just in case they smelt of lavender already! (they didn't!).

Although it's not strictly crafty, another thing I have done A LOT recently is build train tracks with E!  My husband is much more accomplished than I am in this respect, but today I was quite pleased by my efforts...

I stumbled across another fabulous blog recently- this time by the super-knitter Catherine.  It's full of inspiring knitting, so do pop across to say hello!  Having read her latest post, I couldn't help but pre-order the new Debbie Bliss knitting book- The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits.  I can't wait to get going on it!

It was another day of fabulous weather here today, and as the shadows were being cast later on in the afternoon, I couldn't resist taking a less conventional "bump-photo" for posterity!

Have a good evening.

C x


  1. Hello Caroline

    Thank you for visiting my blog. The little baby shoes come from The Ulitmate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss (the subject of the book review that I blogged yesterday). The book has three styles, they are very quick to knit

  2. Ah super! After reading your review I have ordered a book, so I shall knit some up once it arrives! Thanks! C