Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our local craft shop

Our local craft shop is rather beautiful.  There are actually three of them linked to each other, all run by the same people. There's a card making, jewellery making and ribbon shop, a fabric and general haberdashery shop, and a yarn shop.

I am a particular fan of the latter two, and yesterday, a friend and I were both lucky enough to have two baby/toddler-free hours to go for a little mosy around the shops.  I didn't really need anything beside two zips, but I came away with several goodies!

I'm not going to show all of what I acquired here now, as I hope to make some pretty things and then show some results!  However, I did acquire an interesting magazine- "Cloth"- I'd heard about it in another fabric shop, and have been interested to peruse it.  It's got lots of practical little projects and tips and advice for those interested in crafting.  Check it out sometime!

In the afternoon I made a little drawstring bag to feature the embroidery (see last post) as I knew if I didn't do something with it soon, I'd lose it and never get round to doing anything with it.  A friend I saw a few days back had a handy little drawstring pouch for her wallet in her handbag, so I thought making something of that size would be useful!

Right.  Now on with a spot of knitting, before (making the most of evenings before there's a little newborn to feed) Al and I go out to the cinema!  I may possibly have now got two projects under way again... I can't seem to do just one thing at a time.  But, I was good and checked my gauge- again!

Anyway.  Happy Sunday evening- I hope you enter the new week well-rested!

C x

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