Thursday, 17 February 2011

A grey tank top.

I have been thinking about getting started again on a tank top I started knitting in the summer.  Basically I stopped making it in the Autumn because (apart from getting distracted by other projects and Christmas Present making) I knew I wouldn't fit into it until after having the baby!  So, given that we're not too long from D-day now, I thought I'd get going on it again.

It's knitted in Sirdar Chunky on 6.5 needles, so it's a pretty quick knit, and is coming along well...

Along with this, I'm working on a "ruffled" scarf, knitted in Katia Ondas for a commission...

I've also been dabbling with a little cross-stitch.  I have one or two friends who are convinced that this cannot make a comeback into the crafting world in any meaningful way, but, having looked at some of the beautiful designs in the Cath Kidston "Stitch!" book, I have been persuaded otherwise... The book comes with all you need to complete one of the projects, which is a lovely little purse with a spray of flowers on.


I'm currently working on having a facebook page for Cream Teas and Crafternoons, and although it's still under construction (being technical is not my forte!) it is basically up and running now... So, if you enjoy these blog posts, and are on Facebook then do add it to your "likes"! It will probably look a lot sleeker once my Husband has had a look at it!

Enjoy your Friday.  I'm looking forward to spending the day with my Mum.

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