Sunday, 13 February 2011

This weekend I have been...

- Finishing off the Bird Mobile.  I've finished one of them, and am finishing the wings for the birds on the second one.  It's pretty though, and worth all the fiddly effort.

It's hard to photograph well, but you get the general idea...!

- Making meringues, because I had some left over egg whites (which I usually forget about).  Although they weren't quite as perky as I'd hoped, they are very tasty, and weren't as disastrous as I'd feared they could be.

- Spending time in the garden (yesterday) relishing the lovely weather, taking photos, and joining in fun with A and E.

- Helping to man a (rather full-on) creche session, and catching up with good friends and family at church, and over coffee.

- Spending a lot of time sitting at the table whilst E ate several bowls of rice pops.  Very slowly.

- Enjoying the luxury of a bath for the less fun reason of trying to alleviate the pelvis pain that can often accompany late pregnancy.

I am now looking forward to doing a spot of knitting and catching up with some friends over tea and cake.
What have you been up to?!

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