Friday, 18 February 2011

An ordinary day full of lovely things.

I spent today with my Mum, and the day was filled with fairly ordinary, but really quite lovely things...

This morning we went to the market.  Look at all of this lovely fruit and veg we got!

I love going up to the market- partly for the enthusiastic and character-ful market vendors (one calls everyone "Bubba" which just makes me smile!), and partly because it's such good value!

It was a fairly clear and blowy day, so the washing got to hang in the garden for a while and now smells amazing!

Having admired my lovely knitting yarns sitting on the windowsill for a few days (c/o freecycle!) I took one ball into a local knitting shop to ask if they had any idea what the weight of the yarn was (as the writing was all in German).  These particular ones are 3-ply.  So, what- I ask myself should I make with them....?!

A friend who I had a lovely catch-up with yesterday had mentioned a crochet blanket, and it got me to thinking... So, today I thought I might like to try a Granny-square (a nice manageable starting point!)

I don't find crochet super-easy yet.  I'm quite practised at my knitting, but much more of a novice at crochet.  Still, not too bad for starters.  I found a beautiful pattern for various crochet squares made into a fabulous blanket here.

My Mum has been putting the finishing touches onto a blanket for the bump...

I finished a sudoku I'd been working on for a while (although only for very brief periods of time at a go- I'm not that bad!)

I enjoyed watching my son dig for worms in the garden...

And I used some stale bread to make Olive-oil garlic bread, to go with avocado and mozzarella.  A yummy side to our family favourite- Spag bol!

A fairly ordinary, but rather fun day.
I hope you have a lovely weekend, and a nice lie-in (...?)

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day :) Have put a link on your fb to a lovely crochet blanket pattern which sprung to mind after seeing your lovely cotton. Nim x