Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fancy a Cuppa?

I have now finished my "Cuppa Cushion", as featured in a previous blog post, and I have listed it on Folksy.  You can view (or buy!) it here.

I'm really pleased with the result, and had such fun choosing the different fabrics, and having a go at blanket stitch again to sew them all on.  I used bondaweb to stick them in position, and then a lovely electric blue yarn to actually stitch them in place.

Our kettle broke today.  It has served us well over the years, but now we are going to be using our lovely gas kettle.  I bought it a while back because I thought it was so lovely, and rather 'Country Living-esque', but we've not used it loads because it does take rather a long time to come to the boil.  However, now this shall become our main one, and we shall wait that little bit longer for our hot water!  It is so pretty though (and matches the red of several other things in our kitchen!)

I also rediscovered this beautiful cup and teapot set I was given years ago.  The saucer still seems AWOL, but isn't it lovely? (It fits in with today's theme very nicely).

Yesterday, after a misty start, there was glorious blue sky all day.  It was fabulous- tonic to the soul.  I was also given this beautiful Cyclamen, which is now brightening my kitchen windowsill.

Have a lovely day.

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