Friday, 4 February 2011

I finished!

I have finally finished the Lucille cardigan. Not that it took insanely long- perhaps about a month. But it feels like it took quite a while...  However, I'm so pleased with the result, and it's my first proper item of clothing I've done for the bump!

I chose some pink buttons to complement the purple of the wool, and there are technically meant to be six buttons, but there was actually an error on the pattern (the only mistake that wasn't my fault) which led to the sixth button hole being out of line with the rest.  So, rather than try and muddle something together, I decided it was easily fine with five!

After all of the faff with the sleeves, I am pleased to have a) finally mastered (in the least masterful sense of the word!) working in the round and b) have made some pretty sleeves with no seams!

Excellent. I'd recommend this as a project if you are looking for something fiddly to get your teeth into- but bear in mind it is fairly labour intensive.

Right. Off to cook dinner. We are having an amazing (yet ridiculously simple) Jamie O pasta dish with bacon, savoy cabbage, mozzarella and pine nuts- A recipe we have loved in our family for years! Mmmm! What are your favourite recipes?!

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Stunning Caroline, stupendous job done! I love it! I didn't realise the last button hole was an error, I thought it was to allow the cardigan to hold it's shape as it was buttoned and then opened out in a rather cute way (if that makes sense...)

    Gorgeous wool too, I think I saw the shade when I was in the shops the other day, what brand did you use, Patons?

  2. Ah! Maybe that was why it was like that... Perhaps I'll try it out... Maybe I'll email Kelbourne woolens first and see! Thanks- am pleased with my first go at lace knitting!

    I used Stylecraft Special 4-ply. Are you on Ravelry? If so, add me and I updated all of the details on there!